Q. I've broken down on a country road and it is late, can you tow my vehicle back to town?

A. Yes, we offer 24-hour towing and are happy to come to any location in the Townsville area.

Q. My car has been lowered, is it safe to use a tow truck to move it?

A. We specialise in lowered car towing and we won't cause any damage to bodywork and rims. In most cases, we can tow your vehicle with a standard tow truck.

Q. I have farm machinery that has broken down on my block and I need it towed back to my garage. Are you able to do this?

A. Yes! We can move all makes of machinery. Our tow drivers will check the model with you, so we know which truck will fit best.

Q. Are you equipped to transport heavy loads, such as bulk containers or generators?

A. We sure are. Our drivers are experienced with carrying these items, so we will have them to your destination without delay.

Q. I have a vintage motorcycle that I need transported to my new home in Brisbane, can you do that?

A. Yes! We are experienced with all types of motorbike transporting and we understand how important it is to deliver your bike in exactly the condition it left in. Our packing is modelled on that used by leading bike manufacturers, so you can rest assured your bike will be well protected in transit.

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